statue in memory of Bernardo de Gálvez

What connects a spanish city with America’s struggle for independence?

While thousands of people from all across the globe visit spain every year most of the tourists make it only to the big cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao. Be it the scenic beauty, cuisines, or traditional delicacies – Spain has a lot to offer. But most importantly, the best of Spain is its heritage and culture. To experience the real warmth and diversity of spanish culture one would have to explore some other popular destinations which boast of a rich heritage. 

Malaga is not only the southernmost largest city of Europe but also one of the oldest cities in entire Europe with a history of over 2800 years. It boasts of a great cultural infrastructure and artistic heritage and most importantly it has been home to Bernardo De Galvez a legendary personality in spanish history who contributed to the American revolutionary war against the British. He not only actively supported the revolution but also aided the American revolutionaries with medicines, clothings and uniforms and other important supplies required to continue the struggle. 

In the year 1779 he joined forces with the revolutionaries and defeated the Colonial forces at Manchac, Baton Rouge and Natchez. Bernardo De Galvez had a significant role in deterring the british forces from taking over the American land by the british and so he was revered by both the American revolutionaries and the Spanish royalty. 

Commemorating the history and successes of Don Bernardo there are memorials of him in Malaga. Apart from old castles and historical monuments, surrounded by mountains in the north, called Montes de Malaga and the mediterranean in the south, the city has a lot of scenic beauty to offer. It is a must visit if you truly want to explore the serenity, cultural history and natural beauty of Spain.