un paseo por el puerto de Malaga y con vistas a la farola

Malaga, your next go to destination in Spain!

Exhibiting the enigma of a subtropical Mediterranean climate across its stretch, Malaga is a must-visit tourist spot you will find in southern Spain.  Mildly cold in winter, Malaga witnesses the warmest winters in entire Europe. That’s why international tourists never miss a chance to stay in Malaga especially during the winters. Partly humid, the city is bordered by mountains in the north which amplifies the beautiful scenery. But more than that, Malaga is a cultural confluence of Roman, Muslim, and other European exchanges. 

Being one of the oldest and most busiest seaports in the Mediterranean sea, Malaga served as a junction of trade and wealth exchange since ancient times, records dating back up to eighth century BC. Modern European practices, especially the Mediterranean settlements, owe much to a timeless civilization that can be witnessed in Malaga.

Modern tourists take Malaga to be a hot favorite especially during the winters. Mild climate, sensual seashore, Malaga is entangled by an all-year green forest extend on lofty mountains. As culture contributes to the social existence of Mankind, Malaga could be called a living museum of history and arts. No wonder Picasso was born here. Pushing its intellectual dominance across country or continental barriers, Bernardo de Gálvez was born in Malaga. This veteran military leader from Spain was born in 1746 and became the viceroy of Spain at the end of his fruitful career. Making a historical effort to aid the American thirteen colonies, Bernardo de Gálvez played an instrumental role in leading the Spanish revolution against the British colonisation, emerging victorious. 

To demonstrate the social harmony and cultural inclusion that UN recognizes as a sustainable goal, Malaga is full of public displays of solidarity. In festivals like Fiestas de Carnaval, you will notice people wearing a wide range of costumes, and participating in public enjoyment with diverse range of music, food, practices and above all, a healthy dialogue between the cultures.