If you Love birds you should explore this Spanish city of Malaga!

Even better news for nature-enthusiasts who love to enjoy forests, seashore and the bird life that lives around! Malaga is not only popular for its culturally-affluent social life, but also because of the forests that are a home to foxes, birds like flamingos and vultures. When you have an innate relation with your animal friends, you want to spend your time hiking around Malaga. With over 380 different bird species in a Malaga sky, ornithological tourism has best to offer in Malaga. 

Let’s take Costa del Sol for instance. Beautiful sea coast, energetic music and food, this city is a very popular family holiday destination among teenagers. Since the winters are mild here, much of European travel lovers fly to  Costa del Sol to have a warm and vibrant winter vacation. The next time you make a plan to give yourself a life-changing opportunity like a vacation in Malaga, make sure you visit these two places to spot birds found in Costa del Sol. 

El Torcal de Antequera Nature Area

Wow is what you say when you travel some 16 km away from the famous town of Antequera to reach the karst landscape of El Torcal de Antequera Nature area. The vatican for ornithologists and nature-lovers, El Torcal is an exhibit of vultures and large hunter birds. Besides having a busy Mediterranean sky, El Torcal takes you straight to the nests in the crevices of the limestone formations, thus overwhelming the visitors with purity and natural magnificence.

El Chorro

An awesome place to watch some extraordinary birds in flight, El Chorro is a favorite home for Bonelli’s eagles and majestic vultures. Accommodating the endangered species like peregrine falcon, El Chorro is where you are getting to discover the largest colony of griffon vultures in the world. 

Don’t miss to visit the Lauguna de Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve which is a reputed tourist spot in the entire Europe. A famous bird sanctuary like Lauguna de Fuente de Piedra offers a very favorite breeding climate for large birds of prey including the ever-majestic flamingos.